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Our Human Resources Policy

Pınar Waters & Beverages Company acts with the strategy to gain qualified, creative, innovative, highly motivated and high-performing work power and to build loyalty by improving qualified work power with human resources practices.

Our Human Resources Practices

  • We aim to place appropriate person to the appropriate position in a short period of time by creating a rich pool of candidates for all positions.
  • We form our practices with a conscious to create employees who are successful and loyal.
  • We try to accelerate the adaptation of new employees to the business and workplace with orientation programs.
  • We perform various internal and external trainings (personal development, management skills, and technical field) in order to enable the progress of our human resources in accordance with today’s needs, as well as enriching our training activities by trainings on e-training portal so as to develop knowledge and skills of our employees in terms of their technical and personal fields of interest. In addition to our training programs, we contribute to the progress of our employees with Leadership and Mentoring programs.
  • We carry out promotions and assignations in the company considering the equality of opportunity.
  • We assess employees’ performances in order to encourage target oriented working, later using the obtained data in the matters of development activities, career planning and rewarding/pricing.
  • We make “Employee Opinion Surveys” to get opinions on various matters, and according to the results, we aim to enhance employees’ satisfaction and loyalty by action plans.
  • We perform volunteering projects on various matters.
  • We carry out all the processes in frame of our corporate values and codes of conduct, the business law, the legislation and company regulations. Also, we give equal opportunity to everyone regardless of gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion and marital status in all of our practices, policies and principles.

Our Values

Consumers and Customers First!
We perceive the needs of our consumers and customers rapidly and correctly in all of our departments, and present an agile, proactive and innovative approach to meet these changing needs to provide a better experience.

Operational Excellence
The basis of our operational excellence is formed by the correct use of technology every moment, simple business processes, work systematics, and data-based and fast decision-making systems. Agility is one of our fundamental competencies.

Human Resource
Under the light of science, unity and success, we consider our human resource as one of our main values, which is trained, experienced, loyal, open to all advancement of science, appreciating the information sharing and team spirit, adopting the participatory management approach and working with a success-oriented approach.

Ethical Attitude
We respect all the social, political and cultural values in the geography we operate, and we act accordingly with the laws and rules of business ethics. We value honesty, open communication and just management.

Environmental and Social Responsibilities
We produce with an approach valuing environment and nature, and contribute to create a better future. We maintain our tradition to support contemporary education, sports, culture and art, in order to enhance the social life quality with social responsibility awareness.

Our Main Competencies

To place the customer needs at the center of all projects; to develop and sustain efficient and fiduciary relations.

To act in order to improve current situation; to determine improvement opportunities, to produce solutions, to present to relevant people, and to implement.

To act rapidly to realize targets; to be proactive; to be satisfied with reaching the targets both in the team and individually.

To exert effort in order to obtain new information and new experiences; to search regularly for learning opportunities and to benefit from these opportunities; to adopt quickly and practice new information.

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